fluid delivery experts for the processing industry.

About Us


KAITE LTD is a modern company specialising in the design, manufacture and supply of spray nozzles and ancillary equipment. The KAITE brand is built on several decades of experience with an injection of fresh ideas and innovation!

Our products reach virtually all manufacturing processes around the globe, from spray drying, steel cooling, tablet coating, to tank washing, electronic circuitry and environmental gas conditioning.

You will also find the KAITE brand on products that compliment our industries of interest such as, the KAITE KWIK CHECK hole gauge, KAITE HOSE, a high pressure FDA spec hygienic hose, and Seal Kits for all sorts of machinery and equipment including KAITE Spray, Delavan SDX, BETE TD etc.

As a privately owned company, we are much more flexible than our competitors. We are happy to come and see you to discuss your projects and enjoy getting involved and building up relationships and trust with our customers. KAITE will provide your thru life support.

Contact us today on +44(0)1744 607 361 or email [email protected]


KAITE LTD already has a network of Distributors who represent us in different parts of the globe. See if your location is listed below and click on the link to be directed to the relevant contact page! Alternatively contact the office.